Red, White & Blue Tie Dye Socks | DIY Tutorial

Red, White & Blue Tie Dye Socks | DIY Tutorial

Posted by Anna Jones on

I like to show my patriotic side--but sometimes it's nice to show it differently than most. These socks are the perfect fit. No one will doubt your love for the Red, White and Blue, nor will they doubt your style!

Find the free pattern HERE


If you'd like to see things broken down step by step, you can check out our YouTube tutorial HERE.

You'll learn how to tie dye socks red, white and blue for the 4th of July. You'll look so patriotic in your cool socks! I show you three different look options. Try all three, or just one.

These are my favorite socks to use whenever I tie dye.  They work so well!

Plus, the socks are great because they fit a variety of sizes--extra narrow calves to extra, extra wide calves (we've tested them here at my house).  

Happy celebrating and happy socking!


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