DIY Sock Octopus | Sock City

DIY Sock Octopus | Sock City

Posted by Norah Massey on

Hey Friends!! I have missed you all, I feel like so much has happened since the last video, I guess that is just what the holidays do to us. I hope every single one of you are having the happiest New Year and that you reach your 2022 goals if you have made any!! In this Sock City video we are making the most adorable kids craft. We are making a sock octopus, sock-topus if you will! You only need four supplies and your kids will love it. I tried to make this as simple as possible so the kids can just have fun with it! We would love to see how your sock-topus turns out, take a picture and tag us on Instagram! What do y'all want to see next?

For our YouTube Video click HERE!!

I hope you all enjoy this craft, especially all of the kiddos that will be participating! I know how simple this craft is, trust me, your kids will adore it. Go to our website and have them pick our their own favorite socks so their octopus will be just what they want! Check HERE to browse our socks!!



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