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Turpin Cares, NFP of Chicago, IL

Give the gift of warm feet!

Donate 1 pair at checkout and we will match it to send 2 pair of socks to our current charity partner.

Socks are one of the least donated, but most essential articles of clothing. That's why we're partnering with various charities to help make a positive change around the country. When you donate $2 at checkout you will purchase 1 pair for donation, we will then match that pair and send 2 pair of socks to our current charity partner. We want you to know that with every donation made you are making a difference! With each donation we get closer to achieving our goal of creating positive change in our communities by improving the lives of our neighbors. We can't thank you enough for your support!

Current Partner Bio:
Turpin Cares, NFP provides food, toiletries, and comfort items to those experiencing homelessness and food insecurity in Chicago. Recipients include individuals, families, shelters, and other organizations doing good. Founded in 2014, Turpin Cares originated as a philanthropic arm to Turpin Communication, a communication training firm owned by two of the founders, hence the name, Turpin Cares. It has since grown and evolved to become a major force for good in the historic neighborhoods of Beverly and Morgan Park on Chicago’s south side.

The organization has programs that serve different populations. Their Community Pantry Box is nestled inside a local public garden and is filled daily with non-perishable foods. Donors also contribute to it on a regular basis. The motto is “Give What You Can, Take What You Need.”

Believing that shampoo should not feel like a luxury, Turpin Cares also operates the Toiletry Free Store where they provide toiletries, first-aid items, masks, and household cleaning supplies. This project was developed in response to the pandemic, and to date has given away more than 60,000 items to over 3,000 households. They always have a special “extras” table where they give away items that people have donated that don’t fit the normal categories. This includes books, toys, kitchen supplies, T-shirts, Christmas decorations, back-to-school items, and yes… socks. Tons of socks!

Other programs include care packages that are distributed to people on the streets and starter kits, which include essentials for the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom, and are provided to people entering permanent housing after being on the streets.


Know of a charity in need of socks? Contact us with their information and you may see them here soon!