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Current Donations Going To:
Wellspring Women's Center, Sacramento CA

Give the gift of warm feet!

Donate 1 pair at checkout and we will match it to send 2 pair of socks to our current charity partner.

Socks are one of the least donated, but most essential articles of clothing. That's why we're partnering with various charities to help make a positive change around the country. When you donate $2 at checkout you will purchase 1 pair for donation, we will then match that pair and send 2 pair of socks to our current charity partner. We want you to know that with every donation made you are making a difference! With each donation we get closer to achieving our goal of creating positive change in our communities by improving the lives of our neighbors. We can't thank you enough for your support!

Current Partner Bio:

Wellspring Women’s Center is a drop-in center in the Oak Park community of Sacramento, established in 1987.  Wellspring Women’s Center’s mission is to nurture the innate goodness and personal self-esteem of women and their children.  Our drop-in center provides respite services based on “hospitality with dignity and love.”   We serve a nutritious breakfast and guests receive support as they struggle to move from “simply surviving to thriving.”  In 2018, Wellspring Women’s Center provided 33,630 meals through the breakfast program.  Other safety-net services include provision of diapers, hygiene items, sanitary pads, and vital clothing such as underwear and socks.  Thank you for your support!


Know of a charity in need of socks? Contact us with their information and you may see them here soon!