Koala Eye Mask DIY

Koala Eye Mask DIY

Posted by Anna Jones on

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a koala eye mask from one sock. Using the sock makes this a super fast and easy project! Plus, if you use the same type of sock we used, the mask turns out so soft!

Find the FREE pattern here.

Or if you'd rather watch a video tutorial to really break it all down, you can check out the YouTube tutorial here.

To make your own, you'll just need one new sock (no one wants to put a used sock on their face), needle and thread, (rice + essential oil is optional), scissors, black felt, and hot glue. You can also use some faux fur as an added touch if desired. Just follow our simple pattern or tutorial to walk you through this DIY project. Then you can relax in style!

These are the socks we used (in the Cool Stone color):

But these are another cute and soft option:

There are variety of colors to choose from when you go with World's Softest Socks.  Check them all out in our store.  You'll love crafting with them because of their super soft quality!  But beyond that, snag a pair (or 10) to lounge around in.  They'll keep you cozy while you're crafting!

And on that note...happy crafting!



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