How to Use Socks to Make a Sock Pillow | DIY Decor

How to Use Socks to Make a Sock Pillow | DIY Decor

Posted by Anna Jones on

In this tutorial learn how to repurpose socks to create an adorable accent pillow. This project is a great way to add a cute flair to your decor and to reuse otherwise worn out socks. You also have the option of using new socks if you prefer.

You can find the free pattern HERE

Watch the full YouTube tutorial HERE.

This project is acceptable for most skill levels, and will be easiest to complete if you use a sewing machine.  However, it can be completed all by hand as well.  It's a fantastic way to reduce waste and repurpose single or worn out socks! 

Make sure and find the cutest socks for this project or to replace your old ones you use!  

If you want to do it by theme, here are some fun options:







The options are endless and it's so much fun!  It adds the perfect pop of color!

Let us know if you give it a try!

Happy socking!





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