How to Make Sock Flowers and a Bouquet | DIY Gift | Fast & Easy

How to Make Sock Flowers and a Bouquet | DIY Gift | Fast & Easy

Posted by Anna Jones on

Coming up with a gift idea can be exhausting!  But the great thing about socks is that you can find one for every person out there.  Once you find the perfect sock, though, how do you gift it?  These simple sock flowers are a unique way to present the socks, plus they are inexpensive to make and take just a few minutes and a few supplies.  Problem solved.

Watch our quick YouTube tutorial HERE.

We give you plenty of options for presenting the sock flowers.  You can find all the written details in the free pattern HERE.

As for the socks you use, that all depends on who you're giving it to.  Choose something they will love to wear.  You can't go wrong when it comes to sock flowers--all sock prints look good.  

If you want to say thank you to an amazing health care hero, try these:


Or maybe you're thinking about celebrating a mom in your life.  Try one of these:


Go ahead and browse around the shop. You'll find tons of great options for use in your flower bouquet.

Happy socking!




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