How to Make a DIY Drink Koozie | Fast & Easy

How to Make a DIY Drink Koozie | Fast & Easy

Posted by Anna Jones on

In this tutorial, I show you how you can make a cup koozie in two different ways. Both options are very easy and fast, but the first option requires only cutting! Feel free to use old worn out socks for this, or check out our store and find some new socks that fit your unique personality.

Find the free pattern HERE.

You can watch both versions made in this quick YouTube tutorial HERE.

These handy devices go by many names, but whatever the name, it does the same thing--it helps keep your drink cold or hot, and keeps your hands from freezing or burning.  Another handy thing about a drink koozie is that it helps to quickly identify your drink from another person's. So go all out and personalize these. Since they're easy, you can put a bunch together quickly!

There are a few socks linked in the YouTube tutorial, but here are some more of my favorites:



Let me know which socks you choose!

Happy socking!



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