Grow a Grass Pet Hedgehog | DIY Grass Head | Fast & Easy | Grow a Plant

Grow a Grass Pet Hedgehog | DIY Grass Head | Fast & Easy | Grow a Plant

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In this tutorial you'll learn how you can very easily grow a grass pet with one sock and a few supplies. It is so simple to grow and take care of. Plus, it's a great way to learn about the science of plants and what they need to grow: soil, sunlight, water, and air. You'll love watching the grass sprout and grow. It ends up looking like a hedgehog, or even a porcupine.

Find the free pattern HERE.

Or if you'd like to watch the YouTube tutorial to see how truly fast and easy it is, you can watch the how to video HERE

If you're looking for a fun and fast project, look no further! These grass sock pets are perfect.  If you place it in a warm and sunny place, it shouldn't take long for the seeds to sprout. As long as you keep it watered, and in the sun, it should be happy. Give yours a name and then it is the lowest maintenance pet I've ever heard of--my favorite!

These socks would make an adorable grass pet:


There are so many cute options, we can't show them all.  So make sure you browse around and find the perfect one!

Happy socking!


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  • Love this fun project! So cute! Can’t wait to try it!

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