Easy DIY Sock Octopus | SOCKTOPUS

Easy DIY Sock Octopus | SOCKTOPUS

Posted by Anna Jones on

Learn how to make this adorable sock octopus plushie (or stuffy). You'll only need one pair of socks and a few other supplies.

You can view the online pattern HERE.

Or if you want to watch the whole process from beginning to end, you can watch the YouTube tutorial HERE.  

If you love oceans or animals, this is the perfect craft. It is one of my longer videos, but that's because I wanted you to see each step from creating the head, making the tentacles, forming the eyes, and how to do the sweet smile with your embroidery floss. 

These socks would make an adorable socktopus:


Call it a squid, an octopus, or a socktopus--I hope you love it!

Happy socking!



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