Easy DIY Sloth Plushie Made from ONE Pair of Socks

Easy DIY Sloth Plushie Made from ONE Pair of Socks

Posted by Anna Jones on

If you're a lover of sloths (who isn't?!), you'll love this project! With this, we take the concept of a sock monkey, but convert it to a sloth. It's a whole new twist! I provide the templates (in the free pattern below) to create the face and claws, plus walk you through the steps of creating the sloth body. Using socks really simplifies the project and helps this easy craft come together quickly.  Plus, I show you how to add magnets to hold the arms and legs together of this adorable sloth, making it perfect to carry around with you or to display. 

Check out the full YouTube tutorial HERE

Or you can get the FREE pattern with templates here

There are all kinds of options for socks, but my favorite choice is the Worlds Softest socks here (click on the socks to see the option for the color I used):

But you could also branch out and use one of these adorable options:



Just follow this DIY tutorial to make your own adorable Sloth Plushie that is made using just one pair of socks. I hope you love it!

Happy socking!



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