DIY Unicorn Eye Mask with Lavender Scented Rice

DIY Unicorn Eye Mask with Lavender Scented Rice

Posted by Anna Jones on

Make a Unicorn Eye Mask that can be lightly heated or cooled for maximum relaxation. This DIY tutorial walks you through the simple steps to help you make your own. Scent it with essential oils to take it to a whole new level.

Find our YouTube tutorial HERE!

To make your own, you'll just need one new sock (no one wants to put a used sock on their face), needle and thread, rice (+essential oil is optional), scissors, felt, and hot glue. We used sparkly foam for the horn and inside of the ears, but you could use whatever you'd like. Just follow our simple pattern or tutorial to walk you through this DIY project. Then you can relax in style!

Check out the free pattern HERE.

Here are the socks we used (click on the picture to find them in our store):

These are called World's Softest socks and they really ARE!  They feel so great on your body, plus they are delightfully warm!  These make the perfect eye mask material.  There are lots of other colors to choose from too.

Here's another fun option.  They might not be quite as soft, but they make up for it in style!

These are so fun and cute, you'll want to wear them.  Buy two pairs--one to wear and one to make a couple eye masks from!

Happy socking!




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