DIY Sock Hand Warmers

DIY Sock Hand Warmers

Posted by Norah Massey on

Hey Friends!! In this video we are making our very own DIY hand warmers!! Are you looking for something easy and reusable to keep your hands warm this upcoming winter? Well you are in the right spot! These are SAVING me from the cold this fall and upcoming winter. All you have to do is pop these in the microwave for TWO minutes and you are ready to go! I live in Idaho so it is already super cold here. This is such a simple craft anyone can do it. This is a great craft for all ages and anyone can enjoy what you make. If you live in a colder area these are a MUST, trust me. Just go to our site pick out some cute socks and get to crafting!  

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I honestly can't believe how cute these turned out. I tested them in the microwave for TWO minutes and they made my hands so warm and even stayed warm for quite a while. I will definitely be making these again for myself and my friends!

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