DIY Sock Dog Toy | Sock City

DIY Sock Dog Toy | Sock City

Posted by Norah Massey on

Hey Friends! Welcome back to the Sock City Blog! I am so excited to share this easy craft with you. I hope this reaches everybody with a furry friend! My dogs are my life so they can only have the cutest toys! These toys are so easy you only need THREE items; a toy of your choice, sock city socks, and something to tie, I used hair ties! For this video I put a tennis ball in one and then a bigger ball in another. Next time I am going to try an empty water bottle in them, my dogs love that crinkle sound so I think that one would be great! If y'all try this craft take a picture of you and your fur baby and tag us on Instagram! I can't wait to see all your cute babies so happy with their new toy! So simple, so easy, anybody can do it! Check HERE for our video!

That is it for today y'all! We appreciate every one of you supporting us on this journey. Tune in next time for our next blog post and YouTube video. Don't forget to check out our website to pick our your favorite socks HERE!


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