Bite Me! Fun Sock Creation - Shark

Bite Me! Fun Sock Creation - Shark

Posted by Anna Jones on

Hi everyone.  Anne here, filling in for Seth who is very busy with the website update.  I’m happy to be here with you!

I was chatting with a friend the other day about what I’ve been doing here with Fun Sock City.  She asked a great question -- “Why socks?”  I explained to her that using a sock really simplifies and speeds up the process of creating these Fun Sock Creations.  So don’t be nervous about trying to duplicate what I’ve done.  I sincerely believe that if I can do it, nearly anyone else can do it.  So jump on into these waters.  They’re safe! 

Click here for the Sock Shark Pattern 

This project uses only one sock.  It’s great for anyone who loves sharks and can be done in 1-2 hours (or less), depending on your skill level.  Take a bite out of this project!

Click here for the video tutorial

-Anna :)


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