Weekly sock talk

Weekly sock talk

Posted by Seth Killian on

For a while now, even before we put together this blog, I wanted to put together a content post we could issue each week that our customers could get excited about, as excited as you can get about a blog post anyways! After a reading and following more established bloggers in our field, I quickly found that there seemed to be a lot of posts that followed this pattern. Many of them seemed kind of forced, and as I read backwards through their older posts, I saw that they had once been extremely detailed and well thought out, and the bloggers seemed to have simply gotten burnt out and moved on to other topics. 

     I really want to avoid this, obviously I want to provide fun and informing topics, but more than that, I wanted to make something that people really looked forward to reading. I've grown up with the internet, and because of that certain online entities have become like old friends to me, web comic creators, bloggers, specific posters in forums. All these people have shaped me in one way or another when it comes to the products I buy, or the opinions I've forged for certain industries. I have no delusions of grandeur when it comes to our humble blog here, I simply want to create content that is both helpful and fun for those of you that take the time to read it. So, starting next week, I'm going to begin posting a topic called the "weekly sock talk" where I'll talk about a certain pair of socks that caught my attention. I'm going to keep it simple and fun, and be as consistent as possible with my posting times, I'm really excited to get started with this, and I've got loads of ideas to keep it fresh and keep you informed! I look forward to sharing this with you all!



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