The Cutest Little Sock Puppets Around!

The Cutest Little Sock Puppets Around!

Posted by Anna Jones on


Check Out the Video Tutorial HERE

This is a great project for letting your creativity run wild!  You pick the socks, yarn, felt colors and googly eyes...then you create your very own wonderfully wacky sock puppet!  Your puppet can be soft and sweet, crazy and wild, or tough and sassy. It's all up to you!  

This is a fun craft that everyone in the family will enjoy.  Once everyone has theirs completed you can have the most epic puppet show there ever was!


 FREE Sock Puppet Pattern CLICK HERE 

We hope you have fun with this new craft and make sure to use the tags #funsockcreations #sockcity so we can see how yours turned out! 

Until next time!  Spread the sock love!


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  • Hi! I am going to try and let the kids at my daughter’s birthday party make your sock puppets. Are you using kids socks or adult socks? This would be for like 6,5,4 and 3 year olds.

    Amanda Karani on

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