Spider Decoration - Fast and Simple

Spider Decoration - Fast and Simple

Posted by Anna Jones on

Add a splash of fright to your Fall Halloween decorations with the easy, creepy-crawly spiders.  You can put these together in just a few minutes with just a few basic supplies.  

Find the video HERE.

Find the free pattern HERE.

Personally, spiders in my house send shivers up my spine.  However, I can handle these spiders.  They add just a touch of fun to your Halloween decoration, with just the right touch of creepy.  All you need is one black sock to make two spiders.  You'll also need poly-fil, black yarn or string, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and red fabric paint. If you want to display the spiders similar to how we did, just get a round wreath and wrap it with spider webs.  Then attach the spiders onto the web. 


Find the socks we used here:

Some other fun sock options to do this project:




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