Sock Monkey with a Splash of Style

Sock Monkey with a Splash of Style

Posted by Anna Jones on

Here's a new twist on the traditional sock monkey.  Have you ever seen a Money Sock Monkey?!

This guy is rolling in the money AND in the style.  These socks were picked by our last giveaway winner, and we think they're pretty fun!  You can find these Cha-Ching socks HERE.   

The good news is that you can just follow some very basic instructions to make your very own sock monkey in your very own style.  Just pick a sock that matches your style and it will be your unique sock monkey!

Find the free pattern HERE.

If you'd rather watch a sock monkey be made, check out the video tutorial HERE. 

So what socks do you think would make the best sock monkey?  Do you go for the traditional sock monkey?  Or do you like the different look?  We'd love to know!


Here are some other fun sock options for this project:



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