Sock City goes to the Science Center!

Sock City goes to the Science Center!

Posted by Norah Massey on

Hey Friends! Welcome back for this weeks video! As you know we are going to a Science Center. This was actually a super fun family activity but what made it the most enjoyable was having our comfy Sock City socks on! Without our socks our feet would've been hurting so bad, because we did A LOT of walking, so our socks were a necessity!! There were tons and tons of cool animals that I had never seen before, seriously it blew my mind. The socks from this video are so cute we got three compliments on them while we were at the Science Center. What was your favorite animal that you saw in our video?! 

Check out our video HERE!

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This Science Center was so much fun, I highly recommend going to a place like this. It is definitely a place for people of all ages! But don't forget your Sock City socks wherever your next adventure takes you. These socks kept our feet from not hurting, we had to walk so much and these socks saved us! Hop on our website and find the perfect pair for yourself, and your friends and family! Thanks for stopping by!


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