Puppy Day! | Sock City

Puppy Day! | Sock City

Posted by Norah Massey on

Welcome back to all of our friends, including our furry friends! ;) In today's video we will be living the life of Boba the mini golden doodle while wearing our fun pug socks! I love all types of puppies and dogs, they are the absolute cutest ever! I love going to the dog park to see all the other dogs, and I know Boba loves it too! It's awesome for us to just spend time as a family while Boba is having the time of his life. Honestly, since we've been looking at our socks for adventure and family time inspiration, it has been extremely spontaneous and just what we needed to spice up our life! Let's keep on creating memories made from our fun socks! 

Watch our full YouTube video HERE!

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Grab your favorite pair of Sock City socks and just have fun!!

Happy Socking!



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