Let's Golf | Sock City

Let's Golf | Sock City

Posted by Norah Massey on

Hey Friends! For today's adventure we are headed to the golf course with none other than our Sock City socks!! Today really took me out of my comfort zone. I am not very good at golfing, at all, so this was so exciting to be able to practice at something new and improve my skills. I love that my socks inspire me to go on adventures and break out of my comfort zone. This would also be a fun activity to go and do with your Dad or Husband with Father's Day coming up! At our website we have so many options of socks for Dad's. We are creating so many fun memories with our awesome Sock City socks!

Check out our full YouTube video HERE! 

If you want the socks I have check below for them and another option! Or feel free to shop around HERE!

Pick up some socks and just have fun!!

Happy Socking!

-Norah :)


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