How to Make Valentine's Day Sock Cupcakes

How to Make Valentine's Day Sock Cupcakes

Posted by Anna Jones on

If you're looking for easy and cute gift ideas to show your love and appreciation for someone, look no further. These sock cupcakes are perfect for the person wanting to go sugar free or avoiding sweets. These will keep them warm with no extra calories!  It just takes a couple minutes to make one, but is so creative and you come off looking like the perfect valentine!

Check out the full YouTube tutorial HERE.  

You can view the free pattern HERE.

To make one sock cupcake you'll need just one pair of socks.  But who wants just one cupcake?! Not me!  We have tons of cute options on the website, so feel free to shop around.  But if you want to use the same ones I used, check these out:



Have a great Valentine's Day and share the love!

Happy socking!



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