How to Make DIY Barbie Clothes from Socks

How to Make DIY Barbie Clothes from Socks

Posted by Anna Jones on

If you're like me, you may not feel confident in your ability to sew a whole barbie outfit from scratch. That's where these socks come in so handy! They really simplify the process and make it so much easier.  

In this fast and easy tutorial, learn how to make 9 different items of DIY barbie clothes made from socks. Most of these do involve a little bit of sewing, but the sewing is really simple and basic. There a couple, however, that are 100% no sew as well.

Watch the full YouTube tutorial HERE

Here's one of my favorite outfits from the tutorial:

You can also view the free pattern HERE

Choose any sock you love, but here are some adorable options I found:


Take a look around the store because the options are limitless!

Happy socking!



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