How to Make a Nurse Sock Doll | DIY Doll from Socks

How to Make a Nurse Sock Doll | DIY Doll from Socks

Posted by Anna Jones on

We love a traditional sock doll, but this is a whole new twist to a sock doll as I walk you through the steps of creating a nurse sock doll.  This tutorial shows you the supplies you need and shows you each step to creating a sock doll that looks like a nurse, doctor, or anyone in the medical field.

Check out the free pattern HERE.

Or you can watch the YouTube tutorial HERE

Of course you can always repurpose some old socks for this project, but here are some cute medical-themed sock ideas:     


We appreciate all our healthcare workers and all they've done to help us stay well!  If you have a healthcare worker in your life that you love, maybe they would like this sock doll.  Or maybe a nice new pair of socks for when they're on their feet all day!

--Happy socking!



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