How to Make a Koala Ice Pack | Koala Kooler

How to Make a Koala Ice Pack | Koala Kooler

Posted by Anna Jones on

In this DIY tutorial, learn how to make this easy ice pack cover that looks like a koala. It is great for anyone who needs a little cheering up when they are injured with bumps or bruises. It also helps protect the skin from the extreme cold of the ice pack. I also show you how to make your own DIY ice pack made from just two ingredients--water and salt. It is really easy and is still flexible even after being frozen. *Please note, this tutorial is intended for adults to make for anyone who would enjoy a koala ice pack.

You can watch the full YouTube tutorial HERE.


Or you can check out all the details in our free pattern HERE

You can create one koala kooler from just one sock. Make sure you use one of the Cozy Crew Socks (first sock pictured below--three different color options). This will help you get the best end result, plus they are so, SO soft! They'll provide great protection from the ice pack, and add a comforting touch. 


Or you could try just creating an ice pack cover by wrapping the DIY ice pack in a cute sock like one of these:


There are so many cute options!  Make sure you take a look around our store to find the perfect one!

Happy socking!


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