Give the Gift of Socks!

Give the Gift of Socks!

Posted by Anna Jones on

Let's face it, socks make a great gift for any occasion. There's a sock for everyone and everything under the sun! So this week our creative team of sock wizards has put together a simple pattern you can follow to give your gift giving a sweet twist. 

Click Here for Sock Cupcake Pattern

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw this pattern was a baby shower. Simply combine an adorable pair of baby socks and washcloths to make a cupcake.  If you're looking for a gift for the mother-to-be,  you could pack up a whole box full of sweet, sweet novelty socks. Of course they'll also be cute for birthdays or office-wide gift giving, as well as a thoughtful pick me up for someone who's been having a rough time.  It would also be a fun gift for Mother's Day!

However you decide to use this, we look forward to cooking up some more awesome ideas for you to try!

Click Here for the Video Tutorial!


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