Fast & Easy DIY Chair Socks | Floor & Chair Protecters | Rainbow Sock Decor

Fast & Easy DIY Chair Socks | Floor & Chair Protecters | Rainbow Sock Decor

Posted by Anna Jones on

If you want a cute way to add a little personality to your chairs and home decor, these chair socks (made from socks😆) are perfect! In this tutorial, you can learn how to make these fast and easy DIY chair socks to protect both your floor and your chairs. This set is made from just one rainbow sock, but you could also choose a different style of sock.  I show some examples at the end of this post of different styles of socks that would go well with other holiday decor.  

Watch the full YouTube tutorial HERE. 

You can also check out the free pattern HERE. 

This project could not be any easier! I created my one set in less than 10 minutes, and if you are doing multiple sets all at once it would only add a few minutes to that. You can get four chair socks from one sock if you use the same ones I used and create them about 5" tall. You'll only need the one sock, needle and thread (or a sewing machine), scissors, sewing pins and hot glue. You could use different socks for different seasons: Halloween, Christmas, Easter, 4th of July, and any other favorites.

Here are some fun ideas including the ones I used: 


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Happy Socking!



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