Easy DIY Spider Costume

Easy DIY Spider Costume

Posted by Anna Jones on

Halloween.  Fall Parties. All sorts of reasons to dress up in costume.  Avoid the stress and expense, by whipping up this creepy, crawly spider costume.  You only need a few supplies: one long sleeve black shirt, black leggings, two pairs of black socks, poly-fil, black yarn, black thread, and a sewing needle or sewing machine. 

Find the free pattern here.


This DIY spider costume is quick, easy, and doesn't bust the budget (aka it is inexpensive)!  Plus, even though it is cheap to make, it turns out so cute!  It's great for any age--kid, teen, or adult. Put it together now, or wait till the last minute.  This costume will turn out frighteningly adorable!

Watch the YouTube tutorial HERE for even more details. 

Find the socks we used here:

Looking for other socks to add some fun to a different costume?  Check these out:


What are you dressing up as?  And what fun socks are you incorporating into your costume?  We'd love to hear all about it!

Have a spooktacular Halloween!



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