Easy DIY Sock Snowman Craft | Arts & Crafts to do with Kids

Easy DIY Sock Snowman Craft | Arts & Crafts to do with Kids

Posted by Anna Jones on

If you're looking for something to bring a little holiday cheer into life, check out this fast and easy DIY sock snowman. My youngest was able to do the entire thing almost entirely on her own, my oldest enjoyed it, and I had tons of fun creating it too. All ages can enjoy this!

You can watch the full YouTube tutorial HERE.

Check out the free pattern with pictures and instructions HERE

It's the perfect easy craft you can do with kids whether it's with students doing online school or at home with family.  I created this with the hopes to provide an idea for teachers or home educators in this unique COVID 19 school situation. But I also hope that many people will find this fun and engaging, no matter the situation.

Feel free to use old socks for this, or you can purchase the ones I used (linked below) and you can get 2 snow people out one sock, or 4 from one pair.

And then of course, be sure to wear some socks perfect for the season!



You'll look fabulous!
Happy socking!


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