Easy DIY Rice Heating Pad in 3 Minutes | No Sew

Easy DIY Rice Heating Pad in 3 Minutes | No Sew

Posted by Anna Jones on

I really don't like being cold, and these DIY sock rice heating pads are the perfect thing for me when I just can't get warm--not to mention how insanely easy they are to make! I made this one night in a moment of desperation when I was so cold I couldn't fall asleep. It literally took me longer to gather my supplies than it did for me to make the actual rice pack. :) There is absolutely no sewing and you can make it in 3 minutes!

Watch the YouTube tutorial HERE.

These things aren't just great for the cold, though. They are great for menstrual cramping, back pain, neck pain, or any pain you want to help alleviate. You can also use these cold for when you need a cold compress. Keep one in the freezer for quick cold pack that conforms to the body.

If you prefer you can check out the free pattern HERE

You can find the socks I used HERE.

The fun thing about these is you can use any sock you'd like, even any size.   Create a small heat up compress by using a small sock.  Or create a really big heating pad by using some knee-high or even thigh-high socks.   You could go medical, sci-fi, or more playful to gear toward children!  


Make sure and check out the socks in our storeWe've got endless options!

Enjoy your budget friendly and easy rice pad! You'll love it!

Happy socking!



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