Sock City | Donut Tasting Vlog

Sock City | Donut Tasting Vlog

Posted by Norah Massey on

Sock City... how do you express yourself with your socks?! 

Hey Friends! In this YouTube Video I am taking me and my Sock City socks on a Donut Tasting Adventure! 

If you're needing some extra fun in your life, you are at the right place! For this vlog/come with me type video we are really branching out! We go out and try two completely different donut shops, did a little dancing and ate SO many donuts. We hiked up our socks and headed out! These super cute socks from Sock City were the complete inspiration for this vlog! Thanks to the comfy socks linked below we had an incredible Donut Day!

Check out our full YouTube video HERE!

There are tons of options to add some fun to your life on our website! We love seeing y'all wearing our socks. Grab some of our socks then go out and do something exciting! Want to shop around to find the perfect pair for you?! CLICK HERE

But... if you want the socks that inspired me check below!


Thanks for stopping in!

Happy Socking! 



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