DIY Tie-Dye Socks

DIY Tie-Dye Socks

Posted by Anna Jones on

Love socks?  Love to tie-dye?  We've got you covered!  Spice up your boring white socks! There's no limit to creativity when you tie dye your own pair of socks.  Use them as a boredom buster for stir crazy kids during break, exciting team socks, or a fun girls’ night!  Tie Dye might look intimidating but with these instructions, this easy to use tie dye kit and our YouTube Tutorial HERE, it can be fun!  You can do it as simple or elaborate as you’d like.  Check out what we have to help you out.  These are the socks we used, but feel free to browse around on our site to find the perfect socks.

Step by Step written Instructions HERE.

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