DIY Sock Cup Cozy | Sock City

DIY Sock Cup Cozy | Sock City

Posted by Norah Massey on

Hey Friends! Today we are making a super easy craft for all ages! It is so easy it will knock your socks right off! You only need three supplies for this craft which are; socks, cup of any kind and scissors. Three supplies?? Can't get any easier than that! I called this a five minute craft but really, it is like a two minute craft! I have absolutely loved this cozy, I have had it on my cup since the day I made it and I haven't taken it off yet! I love this craft because it's useful, everybody can do it, it's so easy, and it is cute!! I take my cup with me everywhere I go and I have gotten so many compliments on it already, I can't wait to switch them out and make more. If you are going to try out this craft, and if you do post a picture and tag us on Instagram!

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We love to see y'all interact with us through social media, take a picture with your sock cozy and tag us on Instagram so we can see it! We also love seeing you guys wearing our socks! Again, you can't go wrong with this craft, it is simple and cute! Happy Socking!


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