Cereal & Socks?!

Cereal & Socks?!

Posted by Norah Massey on

Hey friends! For today's adventure we are going to Spilled Milk Ice cream and Cereal Bar, rocking our Sock City socks!! I am already in LOVE with cereal, socks, and ice cream...sooo just combining them all seems like the best thing ever. These snap, crackle, pop cereal socks are perfect for any outing and are also a great conversation starter. This activity is perfect for a night out with friends, date night, literally anything. Spilled Milk has so many flavor and cereal options, I will definitely be going back there until I have tried them all...that's how good it was. Get out of do something you love.. or in my case eat something you love! What do you want to see us do next?

Check out our full YouTube video HERE!

I have a challenge for all of our readers and watchers! I challenge you to let your socks take you somewhere just once this month, just one day! Go to our site, browse around, pick your favorite pair of our socks, and let them take you somewhere! I guarantee you will have fun! 

If you want the socks from the video click HERE!

To browse our site click HERE!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Socking! 

-Norah :)


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