Caterpillow--A DIY Neck Pillow

Caterpillow--A DIY Neck Pillow

Posted by Anna Jones on

Sometimes you just need something with a little extra cuteness factor in your life.  Or maybe you're looking for a pillow different than most.  This pillow has it all.  If you're suffering from neck or jaw pain, this DIY neck pillow might be just the thing for you.  This is a great alternative to traditional pillows.  It helps to support the natural curve of your neck and assists good sleeping posture.  Plus, it's super fast to make and looks cute!  

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This comfortable neck pillow only uses one pair of socks, lentils (or another filler), and a rubber band.  If you want, you can get creative and add the smiling face for the little boost of cuteness!

Check out the Caterpillow YouTube tutorial Here!


Let us know which socks you use for this project in the comments.

Go ahead!  Get you're comfy and cute on! 



Check out our suggested socks for this pattern:



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