Blue Heart Springs Adventure!

Blue Heart Springs Adventure!

Posted by Norah Massey on

Hey Friends! Today we are going on a crazy adventure all because of our Sock City rubber ducky socks. As you all know I LOVE being in the water and I wanted to feel just like a floating little duck and trust me, I did just that. We were kayaking on the river for a total of five hours. So, on the way back from the Blue Heart Springs we just sat in our kayaks just like sitting ducks because we were so happy and extremely tired we just wanted to relax on the way back, just floating down stream. The Blue Heart Springs had some of the prettiest water I have ever seen, it was so clear and so blue!! We loved it! What adventures do you want to see next?!

Check HERE for our full YouTube video!


Don't you love it when something as small as a pair of socks can take you somewhere this beautiful? I know I do. I love changing up my daily routine and going and doing different things, and for some reason it's even more fun with some Sock City socks!

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