3 mistakes you're making with your sock drawer

3 mistakes you're making with your sock drawer

Posted by Seth Killian on

        Having been converted to a crazy sock believer over the past year or so, Id like to share some insights I've had. For starters, before I met my wife and became embroiled in the sock life, socks had always been a means to an end for me and my, some would say, lacking wardrobe. They were simply there to protect my feet, and prevent blisters or lacerations caused by my aged new balance. The only variation to my day to day bland, white gym socks, were a couple pairs of bland, argyle "sunday socks." When I look back, I cant lay the blame entirely at my feet, there really weren't all that many different styles, or at least the "fun sock" had yet to gain the traction it so desperately deserved. Needless to say, I was skeptical when I was given my first pair of "Robot Love" socks



But I quickly adopted the lifestyle of the stylish and comfortable and I'm excited to share what I've learned. 

1.) Treat your feet!

Among my first new socks was a pair of Darn Tough crew socks. These puppies changed the way I viewed socks forever, for one thing, they have a lifetime guarantee, and you'd be hard pressed to refute that claim. I have an inward slanted way of walking, I know there's a technical term for it, but for me, it always just meant doom for the soles of my socks. Id probably go through two or three pairs a month if I was on my feet a lot, and they'd wear thin so quickly and completely, Id be left basically walking straight through to my shoes. The Darn Tough on the other hand have held up through almost two years of abuse, of violent ripping, tugging and adjusting, and never popped a seam. The comfort level is also pretty high, especially when compared to the other "hiking" socks I'd used until now. There's no reason whatsoever not to treat your feet with respect.


2.) Express yourself!

            There really is no reason to wear boring socks. The price point comparison is minimal, and can be easily subverted by buying packs, and the difference in quality is as obvious as night and day. When it comes to the amount of styles and variation, you just cant beat a pair of Sock it to Me, Sock Smith, or the beautifully irreverent Gumball Poodle. Each company has their own unique attitude and style, and those are just a few of the multitude that have cropped up over the years. Of course everyone has their favorites, and there are clearly defined niches, but there really is something for each and every one of us. To me, there really isn't another piece of clothing that can bring an outfit together like the perfect pair of sarcastic or snarky socks, and they can compliment just about anything in your wardrobe. Whether you're trying to show your love for your favorite sports team, or want people to know how much you love kale, you cant go wrong when it comes to socks tailor made to impress and express. 


3.) Protect your paws!

         Most of us don't think about our feet, unless they start hurting anyways. While we were at outdoor retailer last month, I had the opportunity to see the huge steps many of the companies we visited are making towards comfort and convenience when it comes to socks. Most of the innovations were geared towards helping those with medical and diabetic difficulties, or for those with different foot injuries or conditions. At the time I had been suffering from pain in my left heel, and we thought it might be plantars fasciitis. One of the vendors offered compression socks specially designed to help against my particular pain, and so I grabbed a pair and tried them out the next day. The difference was astounding, my legs felt cool and comfortable, and what had been a sharp pain, became a dull, controlled ache. It made me realize how hard I had been on my feet, and how lucky I was to have access to these specialized socks, which are starting to be printed in fun and wacky patterns alongside their normal designs! 


These have just been a few of the mistakes I had been making before I was introduced to the wonderful world of socks, I hope I've been able to show you a glimpse into why I'm so excited about what we're a part of here at Sock City, and why you should be too!


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