4 Easy DIY Dog Toys | Recycle Old Socks

4 Easy DIY Dog Toys | Recycle Old Socks

Posted by Anna Jones on

In this tutorial you'll learn how you can very quickly create 4 different types of dog toys on a budget. Your dog is going to love these! These are great for chewing on or pulling on. Plus, you have the added benefit of recycling old socks to a new and useful purpose.

You can see the free pattern HERE.

Or you can watch the YouTube tutorial HERE

There's no need to spend lots of money on entertainment for your dogs. These 4 easy DIY dog toys can be made using old socks you have laying around the house, and by recycling from some old, worn out toys too. You can be done making all 4 of these in less than 10 minutes! Or choose just one and you'll be finished in just a couple minutes.

You can definitely use some old socks you have or without pairs, but if you want new socks, I think these make cute dog toys (or wear them while you play with your cute pooch):


Shop around.  Find something you or your dog love (even better--find one for you and for your dog).  Then you're all set!

Happy socking!



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