Essential Face Mask 10 Pack



The Essential Face Mask.  Pack of 10 single use disposable face masks.

Protects against viruses, fluid, germs, bacteria, dust and smoke.  These masks are great protection for hospital visits, airport or travel, dormitories, grocery or errands, social outings, work or school and more!

WARNING:  This mask does not eliminate the risk of contracting a disease, virus, or infection.  Please use as directed on the box.  

Adult size only.

Performance characteristics of the Skinny™ Professional "Level 1" Essential Face Mask as defined by ASTM F2100 Performacne Standards:

(BFE) (%) ≥ 95  (BFE = Bacterial Filtration Efficiency)
(PFE) (%) ≥ 95
(ΔP) (mm H20/cm2)
Resistance to penetration by synthetic blood (mmHg)  80
Flame Spread: Class 1